The session

So much of effective functioning comes down to communication, and your body is no different. If everything is flowing well, the system works well.

Stacey uses a range of holistic therapies which focus on improving the flow of communication through the body by reducing blockages in the system caused by stress, trauma, fears or phobias, belief systems and physical injuries. The body is a dynamic system which is constantly adapting and changing to its environment. If it is kept in a place of continual stress or pain, the natural flow of the system is compromised.

In order to facilitate a more balanced state of being, Stacey draws on her knowledge of the latest developments in epigenetics, neuroscience and quantum physics. She also incorporates elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Ayurvedic systems. It is a gentle yet extremely effective process which allows healing through the innate ability of the body whilst respecting its natural rhythms and flows. This results in immense changes in the physical and emotional states of being.


For the business minded out there, consider how this can motivate and optimise the performance of your teams

Kathleen Harmeston – Director of Procurement, Royal Mail Group

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